Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cradle to Grave...This looks, incredibly good

The giant stone gargoyle in the room has made its presence known with a deep, throaty roar! May the Blood universe never stop reverberating from that unhallowed bellow! Cradle to Grave has finally gone public. For all 3 of you robed fiends out there, this is the news unlike any other I've yet posted. C2G is the only TC with the potential to replicate Blood in a truly representational way. By using a modernized Build engine (eduke32), C2G will capture "the feel" of Blood in ways no 3d engine could hope to follow. To hell with trying to describe it, the C2G team have their own snazzy blogger page:

There's no way to ascertain the effects of Daedalus working on RATM while C2G is under construction although my best guess would be that it might slow things. We'll see.

I have no cultist youtubes for you so here's some gargoyles instead.

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